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Old Vintage Beautiful Christmas cards

The tradition of sending Christmas cards started in 1843. It was the British businessman Henry Cole who had not time to write letters to all their friends and relatives, and asked artist John Calcott Horsley to create a card for himself. Horsley drew a happy family who ate Christmas dinner. The text was "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you." It was printed about 1000 cards, and those who were not used, sold printer on for a shilling apiece, which was a pretty stiff price. The idea was well received, for only one year later, it sold approximately 25,000 Christmas cards. This was in spite of the subject in this first mass-produced Christmas card. The design scandalized certain circles in England, because Christmas card produced a company that drank and said "Merry Christmas". That alcohol and holy Christmas was made together, was not something that pleased the English bourgeoisie. The first Norwegian Christmas card was printed by Beyer in Bergen in 1870, but it was not until the 1880s that any comprehensive Norwegian Christmas card production got underway. Many cards were imported, particularly from Denmark and Germany.

1896 Glædelig Jul







                                                              Beautiful landscape Norway

                                                         Beautiful Christmas cards

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